Shinzato ShuzoOkinawa, Japan
    Founded in 1846, descended from Shuri Sanka, Higa Distillery inherits traditional method and spirit from 160 years ago. It is said that Shinzato is the oldest distillery extant, and the products varies from new Awamori to vintage, to plum Awamori; the distillery has received many awards.

    Founded in 1846, Shinzato Shuzo is said to be the oldest Okinawan brewery extant. During Ryukyu era, awamori, a special brand of Okinawan distilled alcohol, was produced and controlled by the Ryukyu Kingdom. There was an area known as the awamori village Shuri Sanka, which refers to three districts Akata, Sakiyama, and Torihori. Awamori was recognized as an important contribution of the palace to the Tokyo’s Tokugawa Shogunate and Chinas’ imperial authority. The Ryukyu royals even granted limited awamori-making permits for shuzo that only built in Shuri Sanka and allowed only 30 to 40 people live in the village. Shinzato Shuzo, was recognized as one of them and has been passed down to its seventh generation. Their brewing expertise have been guarded by generations for more than 170 years, and are believed to continue to inherit the historical and cultural values of the Okinawan industrial monument.

    As the company’s core value, Shinzato Shuzo aims to be perceived by its customers and the brewing industry as producing the highest quality distilled beverage. In 1988, it has successfully produced a new type of non-foaming yeast with a separation probability of one billionth from the yeast No.1. The new yeast is therefore designated as “Awamori No. 101 yeast”.

    Shinzato Shuzo, okinawa’s oldest brewery, continues craving for its new flavour of the tropical island.
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