Helios DistilleryOkinawa, Japan

    “Always Make Authentic Products”

    Make the best use of Okinawa’s natural resources and history, and dedicate to produce authentic and good products.
    Based on the corporate philosophy, Helios Distillery has grown to the company with six production licenses, which are Awamori, Spirits, Whisky, Liqueurs, Craft beer, and law-malt beer. Making the best use of local community, we at Helios would like to continue to produce good products with the unique value that only Helios can bring.

    “Protection of Natural Environment”

    Situated in Nago-city, the Northern Area of Okinawa that is known for its rich natural environment, we have also placed high value on preservation of the environment and have taken a proactive stance. That is why we are working to reuse and recycle materials. In addition to these actions, we introduced solar power and wind power in 2004.

    “From Okinawa to The World”

    We see our future as not just the making and selling of a product, but as working to promote the identity, culture, and know-how of Okinawa. We at Helios would like to promote the theme “From Okinawa to The World” in the years to come.


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